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The Call

The Call

April 30, 2004 9:16 amComments are Disabled

Darkness lifts as my pen tears,
Crying like the fallen dew,
The crickets sobbing in my ears,
Yet I will soon come back to you.

A letter sealed, and hidden here,
Behind the shuttle of the loom,
Do not unravel, in your drear,
Before united with your groom.

You’ve lusted so and I have heard,
And I will lay your wish to rest,
Though harried by the storms, a bird
Will still resettle in his nest.

Though swords will clash and smoke will rise,
And fire burn the trees away,
Inside the forest of my eyes,
It’s I who will be forced to stray.

The sun is slow becoming full,
The clouds retreating on the sea,
Advancing waves seem now to pull
Me out to join the cavalry.

The ship will sail, and dawn will break.
With fleeting wings these other men
Will never cease their graves to make,
Yet I will see my love again.

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