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Losing It

Losing It

May 11, 2004 8:39 amComments are Disabled

My face pressed hard against the cold alley wall, I saw
below my eyes a little worm appear. He looked
around, levering himself so he could stretch his long neck far, far
out, then withdrew and stationed himself again in his little

The next time he came out, I tested him. I tickled
his thin belly and he wiggled and laughed. Then I
drew my eyes real close to his. I could hear him
sniffing me and I could see his slimy body pulse.

It was dark when he returned to my world, bringing with
him some specks of dust from the inside. I touched him,
caressed him, felt his long, smooth body, felt it wriggle
and squirm and pulse; he finally relaxed.
I looked him dead in the eye and leveled with him;
but I still don’t know who died first.

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