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June 14, 2011 5:24 pmComments are Disabled

This is a song for the labradors
Off the coast
Who swim with their wet necks
And paddle like the sun is going down real soon
This is for the wet dogs who lick their paws and don’t know all that is wrong with the world

The sea is calm tonight
Waves beating helplessly along the shore
The trains run quiet on the track
With just a spark in the darkness
Reflecting off the sea

The sea is wrong tonight
The calm before the storm
The place where fireflies lay low
Because the rapture may be coming

How are we supposed to know what the answer is
The cathartic snapping of the waves against the shore
The light from the train tracks
The sound of humming far off
And we wonder where the world is tonight
And where we are
And where we are going
And why we won’t get there any time soon

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