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June 22, 2012 1:53 pmComments are Disabled

I was sitting in my reclined seat,
tray unhatched in front of me,
hearing the roar of the sputtering Soviet engines as they worked their payload,
smelling the ham sandwiches passed out by the heavily accented steward in the necktie,
while my shoeless feet touched the vibrating membrane of floor between me and a silent, endless fall,
and my body tingled with the sensation of levity
in the wholeness of the environment of this little air capsule
paddling in the invisible noodles of thinner air around us,
while it floated over those rolling clouds blanketing the infinite below,
where as I peered out the window I could see the farmlands and the cottages dotting the farmlands and the snaking highways and peppered forests and lake-puddles and ocean-ponds and,
far, far off the tip of the wing, the sun was making its final descent bathed in a fire of sky,
when suddenly,–

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