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Something to Ponder

Something to Ponder

November 12, 2014 12:48 amComments are Disabled

I have been reading the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, and this quote has resonated with me.  I’ll leave the carpe diem evocation here.

Translation from George Long:

Remember how long thou hast been putting off these things, and how often thou hast received an opportunity from the gods, and yet dost not use it. Thou must now at last perceive of what universe thou art a part, and of what administrator of the universe thy existence is an efflux, and that a limit of time is fixed for thee, which if thou dost not use for clearing away the clouds from thy mind, it will go and thou wilt go, and it will never return.

Original Latin:

Memento, quamdiu haec distuleris, et quoties a diis opportunitates nactus iis non usus sis. Oportet tandem aliquando sentias, cujus mundi pars sis et abs quo mundi rectore delibatus substiteris; tum vero, circumscriptum tibi esse terminum temporis, quo nisi ad serenitatem usus fueris, id abibit et tu abibis; neque unquam tibi redibit.

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