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A Story About Alexa

A Story About Alexa

January 9, 2019 6:51 amComments are Disabled

“Alexa, snooze.”

“Alexa, snooze.”

“Alexa, snooze.”

“Alexa, turn off alarm.”

“Alexa, play Morning Hype playlist on Spotify.”

“Alexa, play MORNING HYPE playlist on Spotify.”

“Alexa, turn on coffee machine.”

“Alexa, turn on lights.”

“Alexa, turn on BEDROOM lights.”

“Alexa, lights to twenty-five percent.”

“Alexa, BEDROOM lights to twenty-five percent.”

“Alexa, order me an Uber at seven forty-five.”

“Five-thirty-five eighth avenue.”

“Alexa, what’s the temperature outside?”

“Alexa, is it snowing?”

“Alexa, will it keep snowing all day?”

“Alexa, how much snow today?”

“Alexa, will it snow this afternoon?”

“Alexa, what’s the traffic like?”

“Alexa, how long will it take me to drive to five-thirty-five eighth avenue?”

“Alexa, turn off music.”

“Alexa, set alarm for twelve o’clock.”

“Alexa, turn off coffee machine.”

“Alexa, lights off.”

“Alexa, bedroom lights off.”

“Alexa, BEDROOM lights off.”

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