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Does it hold up?

Does it hold up?

January 7, 2019 9:16 pmComments are Disabled

Watch this video.

This video is amazing to me–amazing–for so many reasons. How could today’s kids…not…get…Seinfeld???

What’s astounding to me is an episode like “The Outing,” an episode which won a GLAAD Media Award for its portrayal of LGBT issues, and mockery of homophobia, was interpreted by today’s youth as all but an endorsement of homophobia.

This got me thinking. Would, say The Office even hold up today? Probably not. Its pilot has Steve Carell’s Michael Scott mocking an Indian convenience store owner to Mindy Kaling’s Kelly Kapoor.

Culture shifts so quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if even Game of Thrones is excoriated by the next generation for its permissive depictions of sexual violence.

This is what makes me immediately skeptical of anyone who presumes to know what’s ‘appropriate’ in our culture. Because what plays well today may very well be considered taboo tomorrow. It’s for this reason we ought to be doubly scared about the digital footprints we’re all leaving behind–records of our previous failure to adhere to today’s cultural orthodoxy.

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