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Food Pics

Food Pics

February 22, 2019 11:14 pmComments are Disabled

I was at lunch today at the fantastic Kazu Nori in NoMad, and I looked over at one point and saw this.

To be clear, I have zero right to deride anyone for taking photos of food. I literally take photos of everything that touches my plate. But there is something…extra…about using a DSLR to do it. And this guy wasn’t a journalist or anything, either. He was with someone.

I appreciate that food culture has reached a point where it’s about the experience not just for you but for all your followers. But watching this guy made me think that maybe we’ve taken it too far. I’m not going to stop posting Instagrams of food, but maybe, just maybe, I should take an extra minute beforehand to consider whether the experience really needs to be shared this time.

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