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Cake Ceremony

Cake Ceremony

March 28, 2019 11:44 pmComments are Disabled

Tonight I had the honor of hosting Drink for LiNK for supporters of Liberty in North Korea in New York.

We had the opportunity to meet as a community and share a quick celebratory toast in honor of 1000 of our North Korean friends who have reached freedom. We lit a candle on cupcakes as they do, explained by LiNK:

North Korean refugees who meet our field staff in Southeast Asia end their difficult journey with a special tradition. They each light a candle on a small cake before reflecting on how far they’ve come and celebrating their first hours in freedom. We call this the cake ceremony. Celebrate this epic milestone by having your own cake ceremony in honor of our North Korean friends.

As moving and poignant as tonight was, there is so much more to do. Please consider donating at our new LiNK NYC page here. Our annual goal is $50,000, which will go directly to the rescue & resettlement of NK refugees. Every bit helps.

Thank you!

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