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March 19, 2019 7:10 pmComments are Disabled

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have an unlimited well of energy? Inhuman, unstoppable, hyperactive levels of energy that they bring into every conversation and interaction.

Perfectly pleasant, socially gifted people, for all their graces and deference, have nothing on people of energy. They enter rooms like hurricanes. Everyone has to pay attention to them; they are the most interesting people in the room. They light it up. Their energy is attractive.

I have never been this person. I have found that, with great effort and a lot of rest, I can pull off the trick of pretending to be a ‘person with energy.’ It certainly helps to have a 5-Hour Energy before hand–the literal elixir of energy.

But some people are like this naturally. Their effervescence is contagious. No matter how many people they talk to it’s never enough. Every conversation just keeps them going. They’re the ones who shut restaurants down and dance until the sun comes up.

Whereas earlier eras may have rewarded the prolific letter-writer or the endurance hunter, unfortunately we have only entered an era that requires more (mental, social) energy from us as our social spaces have only opened up more.

I wish there were a Be More Chill style pill that would automatically confer upon the taker this trait, to make even bores like me interesting. But that probably is about as likely as a pill to make people smarter or understand how to read Latin.

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