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March 16, 2019 7:27 amComments are Disabled

Recently I have become and more and more a devoted follower of Quillette, which brands itself as liberal alternative to academic liberalism. The magazine sources writing it believes–often rightly so–to be heretical in modern academia.

This often means writing that is highly critical of academia itself, but also writing that goes after sacred cows in the increasingly ideological and close-minded universe of academic liberalism: climate change, transgender rights, environmentalism, sexism, wealth inequality. It does not deny the importance of these things, but it does provide needed counterweight to common arguments that are all but accepted, unquestioned dogma in our top universities.

As such, it has become a haven for intellectuals who have tired of ideological purity tests and witch-hunting and who seek actual discussion of ideas in a safe environment. Self-professed liberals from Steven Pinker to Sam Harris proudly support the magazine, which relies entirely on donations from the public.

I highly recommend my readers take a gander to Quillette in order to challenge their preconceived notions, or at least have the worldly experience of confronting ideas that may be different to their own. The internet and society are better off with tolerant spaces for different and even dangerous ideas that are treated with fairness.

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