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April 24, 2019 11:25 pmComments are Disabled

I hate clubbing.

The music is too loud. People don’t have a reason to communicate; in fact, just the opposite: any attempt to communicate with anyone is usually frowned upon. 90% of communication is nonverbal anyway, but I have a hard time communicating this way on instinct. Maybe other people do, too, which is why drugs are such a big part of the club scene. But if you ask me, if you need drugs to enjoy something, maybe it isn’t really for you, either.

I have, exactly once, experienced something akin to the euphoria I’ve witnessed in others at a club, but it was at a concert for that DJ, not strictly in a club environment. I could understand that maybe people get something out of the experience, though — DJs can create rhythms to hypnotize a crowd.

But it’s hard not to look around a club and be completely put off by the way people are playing parts, not themselves. The animalistic display of human nature in the convulsing crowds is interesting to watch, but not necessarily fun. I can’t imagine every person there is really enjoying it, rather than just there for the peer pressure. I’m guessing that more people are like me than would be willing to admit it.

I won’t knock those people who do enjoy clubs. They’re just not for me.

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