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Nothing to Do

Nothing to Do

April 16, 2019 6:37 pmComments are Disabled

You ever wake up one morning and just feel like you have nothing to do?

You may feel completely drained. Maybe there’s a lot you could be doing but it’s boring stuff you don’t need to be doing. Or maybe there’s stuff that you should be doing but you don’t feel like it.

This can often happen on a weekend, but sometimes it happens smack in the middle of a work week. And you drag yourself out of bed anyway, and go to work, and the malaise stays with you all day. Even when you check your email and there are 10,000 things to address: you just can’t bring yourself to do anything.

It is on days like this that you may feel like what’s the point. And it is on days like this that you have to get out of this mindset. Because if you’re not accomplishing something each day, even if it’s small, you will feel even worse. And that can lead to a viscous cycle. This is why Admiral William H. McRaven tells people how important it is to make your bed each day.

Get up. Snap out of it. Make your bed. And then do the smallest thing on your list. You’ll be grateful for yourself that you did.

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