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Fun with Buckyballs

Fun with Buckyballs

Over the past couple of weeks I have ordered an inappropriate number of Buckyballs. Why? Because A) they are really, really fun, and B) they were just unceremoniously banned by the US government, so they are stopping production and having a clearance sale.

What are Buckyballs? Buckyballs (not these) are spherical rare earth magnets that come in sets of 216 or 125. They are strong enough to create complex crystalline structures that keep their shape, but weak enough that they can be separated and rearranged again pretty easily. They claim there are an unlimited number of possibilities, which I have discovered firsthand. Once you get the hang of the various geometries you can create, there is no shortage to the fun.

A Regular Dodecahedron Two Eyes A Basket A Yurt Three Balls, One Cup A Crystal Ball Great Pyramid of Bucky A Mega-Sphere A Mega-Cube A Tetrahedron of Some Sort
Dude With Umbrella Hat No Idea A Tower Another Tower Yet Another Tower A Dreidel A Bigger Tower Guy Who Partied in New Orleans Too Long
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