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McCain’s Faltering Campaign

McCain’s Faltering Campaign

June 8, 2008 2:01 pmComments are Disabled

I found John McCain’s campaign briefing video laughably hilarious.  Campaign manager Rick Davis bumbles through a list of “Reasons” why John McCain can talk about the issues that no one wants to talk about, including the War in Iraq, plus he seems to be reading from cue cards and noticeably pauses at inopportune times during his briefing.

Plus, he says “The political environment, probably one of the worst in our party’s history…”  I know this is what has been echoed on the blogs and on the news for months, but its not something a campaign manager says.  You don’t maintain a positive outlook on things by saying that your chance of winning is horrible.

I don’t see how talking about how you’re not going to win is going to help you win.  This briefing doesn’t say how they’re going to win…it says what they need to win.  In fact, it looks defensive, like someone’s in the same room going “I know Obama’s going to win, and you need to prove me wrong.”  Of course, by looking defensive, it looks weak.

McCain needs to get his act together if he’s going to have a shot at this.  Tuesday night’s speech in New Orleans, when McCain looked like grandpa green, was just terrible.  Of course, this could arguably big his biggest strength, as Obama is known to let his cockiness get the best of him, and it has hurt him in the past (New Hampshire, Nevada).

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