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Night Before Christmas, Written from Lyman, Ukraine

Night Before Christmas, Written from Lyman, Ukraine

December 24, 2022 2:00 pmComments are Disabled

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Ukraine,
The missiles were landing on farmlands of grain.
The people of Donbas stood up to the test,
But the houses were dark from the East to the West.

And Putin was sleeping all snug in his bed
While visions of sugar plums danced in his head,
Dreaming of empire, warm to his core,
He couldn’t help secretly whispering, “war!”

When out on his roof, there arose such a clatter!
He sprung to his feet and exclaimed “what’s the matter?!”
“I do hope that something is not out of order…”
“Is it an assassin, or worse, a reporter?”

In his fluffy pajamas he looked out below,
And he couldn’t believe who he saw in the snow!
With robes of red satin and flowing white hair
It was Santa and sleigh, in the heart of Red Square!

“At last!” Putin shrieked with a cry of delight
“St. Nick has come to bring me presents tonight!”
He hopped to the door and he ran down the stairs,
And giddy with glee he shed all of his cares.

He threw open the doors of the Kremlin with joy
And said “Santa, I knew I had been a good boy!”
And Santa Klaus laughed with a proud “Ho Ho Ho,”
And said “there is something that you ought to know.”

“I know that it’s not quite what you want to hear,
But no, you have not been a good boy this year”
“The kids of the world will be merry tonight,
But not those of Ukraine without any light,”

“Not the kids who you’ve robbed of their fathers and moms,”
“Not the kids you’ve made homeless with missiles and bombs,”
“Not the kids who’ve lost limbs from your terrible war,”
“Not the kids who are orphaned and will grow up poor,”

“Not the kids who you’ve kidnapped while they were at play”
“Not the kids who’ve been trafficked and sold far away”
“Not the kids who your soldiers have raped and have maimed,”
“Not the kids who will suffer in ways still unnamed.”

“So Vladimir you asked if you have done right,”
“And as Santa I’m sorry to tell you ‘Not quite.’”
When Santa was done he pulled on his beard,
And Putin was flustered and blustered “that’s weird!”

“You said things that might make me look bad to some,”
“But you’re here with your sleigh, Santa…why did you come?”
With a gleam in his eye Santa said “time you knew,”
“I brought something special that’s meant just for you.”

And then Santa went deep in his sleigh to the back,
And pulled out a truly gargantuan sack
And heaved it to Putin whose arms spread out
Only to find coal, coal and more coal inside!

“How could you,” said Santa, “to dare have the nerve”
“To think I don’t bring children what they deserve!”
And with that he spurned Rudolph, completely nonplussed,
And left Putin’s coal-dusted face in the dust.

Now St. Nick flies forth for each good girl and boy,
To bring every Ukrainian well deserved joy,
And to those in Ukraine who are fighting the fight,
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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