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I am an independent product, analytics and performance marketing consultant living in New York City. My most recent full-time gig was the Sr. Director of Business Operations & Analytics at ZipRecruiter in Santa Monica, California. Before I moved to LA from San Francisco, I had a stint as a purveyor of independent tech startups including ReservationHopOK Shift and Drillbit. Previously, I was the first product hire at StyleSeat, the co-founder and CTO at The Creative Action Network, a product manager for Ustream on Broadcast for Friends (2013 Webby Honoree) among other things. Before that, I founded M-Flat Media where we built stuff like Shame Alarm, and midVentures (now TechWeek), where we held tech conferences in Chicago and San Francisco. I like to travel, read, write, and dabble in random pursuits in my free time: coding prototypes for web apps, fencing, poker, blackjack, rock climbing, ping pong, and photography.  I used to be the bar pianist at the Pour House on Polk Street and am currently looking for a new gig in SoCal. I identify as a libertarian, atheist and secular humanist and support the ACLU, Cato, Amnesty International, FIRE, and Reporters Without Borders.