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A Love Note

A Love Note

June 17, 2012 10:43 amComments are Disabled

As I was putting the last blog post up, I saw a man approach a girl who was reading by the window and hand her a piece of paper, then leave without saying a word.  Later, I struck up a conversation with her and her friend and they asked me to translate his chicken scratch from the French.  This is the best I can remember it.

“When I entered the cafe, I saw you reading in the corner. You looked so serious and serene, sitting on the couch, I watched you read at least 100 pages.  I wanted to come up and talk to you, because I have never seen a creature so divine, like out of a dream.  You make me feel full of life.  I am sorry I could not write this in English.”

– Note handed to an American girl by a Frenchman in a Starbucks in Vienna

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