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No Sugar: Day 7

No Sugar: Day 7

January 13, 2019 3:43 pmComments are Disabled

Since Jan 7 I’ve completely stopped eating sugar, and it’s gonna kill me.

It’s not just that sugar is in everything, which it is. I can’t eat fruit, baked goods, chocolate or almost any snack, drink juice, get a caffeine fix without black coffee which I hate… I’m reduced to a diet of cheese, nuts, raw meat, and iced tea.

The real thing that’s starting to get to me is the cravings. At first it was just psychological, but enter day 7 and my stomach is in knots looking for its next fix. It doesn’t help that I could grab a cookie off the counter, like, right now.

But I’m persevering, for now. At this point the universe is basically daring me to finish.

When I go back to eating sugar, I hope I remember how literally addicted my body has become to it, and adjust my intake accordingly.

Plan is to go 30 days, until February 7. Wish me luck.

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