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Day 90

Day 90

March 31, 2019 7:33 pmComments are Disabled

As of January 1, I’ve now written 90 blog posts for 90 days of the year.

To be totally honest, I’ve slipped a bit and haven’t always kept up day-to-day. There are days (such as today) where I’ve written 2 or more posts I had missed to fill the gap. Other times, I write posts on the go and then post them when I have a connection.

I’m finding that the writing is getting a lot easier as I force myself to sit down and do it. There is very little writers’ block filter left. If I don’t know what to write about, I can usually look around the room and see something that reminds me of something to write about.

I thought by now I would be tired of this, but I’m finding that it is somewhat therapeutic to write every day, even knowing that almost no one is reading it (if you are, don’t be shy, comment!). It is exposing, but it isn’t embarrassing–at least not yet.

Posts 91 – 365, here we come.

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