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July 11, 2019 11:21 amComments are Disabled

When your hair starts falling out you finally start to get all the jokes you’ve heard from comedians and on sitcoms over the years.

I, for one, am terrified of the inevitable so my new best friend is the bottle of Propecia in my medicine cabinet that some company brilliantly rebranded as “Hims.” There’s a topical cream, too, but it says on the bottle it will make my hair fall out before it starts working so I’m a little scared to try it.

I know time only moves forward, but that doesn’t make it any less unwelcome. There are times when I’m invited out now and I’d rather stay home watching Netflix than down shots with friends and that’s unwelcome, too.

The impact of aging on me is minimal, but compared to the almost non-existent burdens in my life, it probably hits closer to home. It’s the only thing in life I can do absolutely nothing about.

So, hello Hims, and goodbye Jew Fro. It was nice while it lasted.

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