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Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of an Artist

July 7, 2019 8:18 pmComments are Disabled

She leans back in the cushions of the wide berth chair, feet resting on the ottoman, draped in a blanket, laptop balanced delicately on her lap. Her left arm dangles up and over the back of the chair, forming a half halo around her face. Her hair shines in the dim light and her eyes flicker, focused intently on the glowing screen in front of her. As she carries her contemplation forward she brings her hand back to the keys and starts to tap out a rhythmic creation, a prose percussion, right on her keyboard. As the words flow more freely the corners of her mouth twitch upward and her lips part in a broad smile.

Watching an artist at work is like watching a frog creating ripples on a pond. It is enchanting, magical, seductive. There is an impermanence to the experience that will be washed out with the next file save — the only record of her struggle will be the words on the page and nothing more.

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